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Artists Philippe Hélard Provence 3D

There are images to be looked with glasses with the squares red (on the left) and blue (on the right). Click on the small photographs to see some larger. Click on the large photograph to return here.
3d laoutien 1.jpg (1729391 octets)  3d laoutien 2.jpg (1417939 octets)
3d laoutien 3.jpg (1416800 octets)  3d laoutien 4.jpg (1418579 octets)
Large Laoutien : it is a deep hole filled with water whose level strongly varies. Cdt Cousteau, in the mini submarine, did not find of conduit at the bottom of the lake. It would be a porous place which would let pass the water of the subjacent ground water.
3d loube 1.jpg (1278042 octets)  3d loube 2.jpg (1214428 octets) 
3d loube 3.jpg (1265484 octets)  3d loube 4.jpg (1187767 octets)
3d loube 5.jpg (1244900 octets)  3d loube 6.jpg (1351729 octets)
A walk on Loube Mountain
with my
daughter Ophélie.
It is one of the climaxes
of the area.
Many sharp-edged rocks
as of the wolf's teeth strew it.
From where its name: loube
(Provence language = she-wolf).
3d la roque.jpg (1612297 octets)   La Roquebrussanne, a village seen of the country house of Craux.
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